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Welcome To Your New Life!

Fetishes I indulge in... Body Worship | Humiliation | Keyholder/Chastity | Flogging | Feet/Heels Fetish | Financial Domination | Spanking | Strap On | Bondage |Forced Fem | Sissy Training And many more...

I'm available for online and real time sessions!

Accepting New Slave Submissions

Welcome to your new life. Clearly you are seeking something or someone. You have a desire, passion, or a need to fulfill. Or maybe you just like the idea of having a stunningly beautiful, Goddess Cashmir, to submit to. Mistress Cashmir is here to dominate you, take control of your pathetic lives and give it a purpose. You will bow down and give me control. I'm accepting slave submissions for local slave positions, online slaves, and finslaves. 

 The Real Time slave position entails errands, photo/video shoots, attend fetish events and whatever else I deem necessary to please me. You will be under slave contract while under my heels. I will own your candy ass. You will be contacted daily or weekly for your task assignment. 

 The Online Slave position is much like the r/t slave with a one exception. We will not be face-to-face. Online slave position entails daily tasks consisting of worship, tributes, and or photos/video clips. You will consistently worship me, as well as, do whatever it takes to please me. You need to be in chastity? Good I will be your keyholder. You will make weekly/monthly tributes also, you will be under contract as well. 

Online Services


You may worship Mistress Cashmir in many forms i.e go to @MistressCashmir Twitter page follow me, like all posts, retweet all posts, and post daily comments (praises, poems, slave pics and anything to show your appreciation for Mistress Cashmir acknowledging your pathetic existence) you may send Goddess Cashmir gifts (cash, wishlists & e~gift cards) and go to the Testimonials page to show your grateful for, having the privilege to worship a True Goddess In her Sexy & Sensual Form. She will mind fuck you and leave you feeling addicted yet; you don't even realize your already sucked into Mistress Cashmir World.   


You will go select a chastity that fits your shriveled, pathetic, limp dick and purchase it. I will send you a custom lock and pictures of me wearing the key around my neck. Once you've received your lock, signed/faxed the document to Mistress Cashmir, and snapped the lock on that task is completed. You will pay Keyholder taxes. This tax is $100 weekly and it will be paid every Monday morning. You will also receive weekly tasks to complete. You will be under contract. To terminate contract early will result in a one time fee. To be determined at Mistress Cashmir discretion


Listen up Bitches! If you wish to be blackmailed then, you will follow these steps instructions. BEFORE you contact me! You will send me your full name, birthday, address, phone number (home,cell, & work), the name of your employer, his or her contact number, your spouse/significant other name & phone number,email address, and send photos of your valid driver license and/or passport. You will pay tribute of $150 then, contact me in regards to being blackmailed. Now fuck off.


Feel free to step right up, schedule a session. Expect to be embarrassed, expect me to talk about that little tiny piece of shit sitting under your stomach, expect to be ridiculed you worthless pieces of shit. I expect pictures of every degrading moment. You will be plastered all over my website and on social media platforms. You will have tasks to perform. You will obey.

Financial Domination 

Are you into financial domination? Do you feel the need to Spoil and Pamper me? Do you need Mistress to order you to empty your wallet? Well, I have something just for you pay piggy. I provide paid slave training, as well as, video clips. Mistress Cashmir offers private video chat (Skype) and pictures of my beautiful performances. For those of you who can afford it, Mistress Cashmir will even sell you keepsakes like my worn lingerie, shoes and stockings.

MISTRESS CA$HMIR{PRO | FEM | FINDOMME}Accepting new paypigs, slaves, submissives, fuckers, Sissy sluts, human atms or whatever you like to be called! If you have a Desire:To Spoil To Worship To Tribute To Serve To Satisfy MISTRESS Every Want & Need Contact Mistress for ProDomme/ FinDomme Sessions

Foot Fetish

My feet are pretty and Always well maintained. You will love the opportunity to touch and feel the Goddess Feet through a pair of silky thigh highs or panty hose, or naked. For you I offer the privilege for foot massages, foot worship, foot jobs, thigh high and pantyhose modeling. I have a nice collection of boots and high heels. Yes, you can always buy me more.

Social Time

Mistress Cashmir is available for social time, outside of a session. This may include dinner, shopping, a public outing, BDSM event, etc. No sexual or session activities occur during social time. This is done at a cost of $150 per hour for Mistress Cashmir time.


♡Keepsakes {worn bra & panties | photos | old shoes}


♡Tease & Denial

♡Orgasm Control

♡Financial Domination

♡Cash Meet/Wallet Rape

♡Sensual Domination


♡Foot | Shoe Fetish

♡Role Play

♡Spankings | Slapping

♡Ignore Calls

♡Corporal Punishment

♡Nipple Torture


♡Nylon | Stockings | Fishnets

♡Whips | Flogging | Paddles

♡Cock Chasity & Keyholder


♡Forced Feminization

♡Strap-on Play

And More...

(((Please Note))) All Slaves/Subs I Have Not Sessioned With Before Are Required To Make A Deposit. No Excuses Or Exceptions Non-negotiable! This Allows Genuine Slaves To Visit Me And Secures Your Appointment With Myself. Yes All Very Safe & Secure.COME SERVE+PAMPER, WORSHIP, EXPLORE & BE SPANKED


To ALL you PAYPIGS who need a dominant goddess. I know you have been waiting on me to make my presence be FELT!! You are now allowed to get on your knees.





To be a good little PAY SLAVE: Shower me with gifts, your money and PAMPER ME... ONLY thing you need to be concerned about is MAKING MONEY to serve Mistress Ca$hmir. Get on your knees, beg me to take your money and throw your money at my feet. Know your role when your in my presence you cashpig. Worship me and open up your wallets. You will understand it is a privilege to serve me. I love hand dipped chocolate covered strawberries. Come feed them to me now! Kiss my sexy, black, thigh high boots. Get on your knees you worthless little cashpigs! Beg me to massage my pretty manicured feet!

What are you waiting for? Come earn the privilege now...

Mistress Cashmir

You have permission to submit your applications and inquiries. I will decide which one of you pathetic cashpigs will serve me. FOR ALL potential SERIOUS PAY slaves/submissives you will contact me as follows:


If your worth my time I will give you confirmation that the session has been considered. In order to secure your time once, you have received confirmation. You will then make a deposit. You always have permission to send Mistress Cashmir a gift without a session. Show me you appreciate my beauty, earn my attention, or just prove your worthy enough to say, "Mistress Cashmir is my owner"


$Paypig Application$

Complete this form and submit it. Then, click on one of the buttons below to, gift me, to earn my attention.

Full Name:*


Phone number: (mobile,home,work)*

Email Address*


Relationship Status:*

Monthly Income:*

Monthly Expenses:*

Monthly Apportion for Me:*

Click on the link below to submit & worship Mistress Cashmir:

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