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Mistress is a very sexy, sensual, and spoiled Mistress who is open-minded to teaching you how to please, spoil, and serve me. Pleasing Mistress is a {MUST!} I enjoy when good slaves relinquish all power to Mistress Cashmir. I will allow you to explore your fantasies, fetishes, role play & domination; as well as my own. Prior to our session I expect to have some level of understanding established. You will educate yourself about Mistress Cashmir before you muster up the courage to contact thee Goddess. 

For my SENSUAL SIDE I take great pleasure in sensual domination; as well as sensual torture. To all my slaves who enjoy being dominated with soft and stimulating touches...Come captivate yourself with a Cashmir Session. Get on your knees. Bow down! Worship my beauty. Mistress Ca$hmir takes great pleasure in punishing, torturing, and teasing you. I'm a seductive, firm, and dominant GODDESS who prefers long term D/s relationships. Mistress Ca$hmir is very selective. Only the loyal and dedicated little subjects will be allowed to call themselves a slave of Mistress Ca$hmir. You must earn the privilege to serve & pamper... Come satisfy your desires! You are now allowed to{ATTEMPT} to Please Mistress Cashmir

I'm not just some Dominatrix or some Mistress. I'm FUCKING Mistress Cashmir BITCHES! For weak coward little dick incompetent worthless little pieces of shit that need to be put in your place. Listen very carefully. You will not waste my time nor, will you ever receive the privilege of having my attention. So, please feel free to take this time to acknowledge your existence. The amount of time it took you to read this and realized I'm talking about YOU yes YOU! If you're this ungrateful Bitch! It takes the same amount of, time to give your life a purpose. I'm SUPERIOR to you in every way. Why? How? Should never come from your mouth. I am a woman. Not just any woman. I am Mistress Cashmir, you will bow down to me. Submit to me and serve ONLY me.  

Only my good little ATMs are worthy enough to worship me. Listen up financial slaves, paypigs & cashcows. ONLY if you can handle spoiling a sensual dominate Mistress, such as myself, are Welcomed! Only the Worthy! When I say, "welcome" all you subs and slaves, I'm not talking to you broke pathetic slaves, who can't satisfy my appetite. I need you to know this is a privilege for you to be completely financially dominated by Mistress Cashmir 

If you have a passion or crave the need to surprise me with a gift. Here is some information about me that may help you. I stand 5'5 without my heels. My shoe size is a 8.5 or a 9 depending on the cut of the shoe. My bust size is a 36c. My dress size is a 8/9 or a medium/large

THE RULES: NO SEX, DO NOT ASK! You must be at least 21 years of age. There should be no alcohol or narcotics in your system at the time of the session. You MUST remain respectful to me at ALL TIMES. Any misbehavior will not be tolerated. I reserve the right to terminate sessions at my discretion. All scenes are carried out with safety, sanity & are consensual. Any violation of these strict guidelines will terminate your session immediately. No excuses, no exceptions!

Why Mistress Cashmir?

This is a privilege for you to be dominated and ruled by Mistress Cashmir

I Accept Nothing Less Than Complete Submission

I demand respect, strict obedience and worship

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