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For you pay�??�

I'm Mistress Ca$hmir. I will only say it to you once. So take it in, embrace it, & open your wallets.... I want you good little ATMs, who truly enjoy, the pleasure it brings you to follow your sexy Mistress around the mall. Your credit card as well as your wallet is at my mercy. As I enter into Coach,Bebe,Zales & Macy's just to name a few. Take notes so, you know what gifts you can surprise me with. You feel sheer bliss that I allow you to be seen in public with me. That's still isn't enough for you? I will allow you to pay for me and my friends extravagant meals,spa treatments & vacations. If you are looking for a long term mistress then, you can buy me a home or a Mercedes. I will allow you to take pictures with me enjoying the financial dominance I have over you... Oh I didn't forget about you sneaky little pigs. Your not worthy to be seen in public with me. You sit at your computer and send me your money. The money you work for to spoil me. I will take pictures wearing the gifts that you send me. Just as a reminder as to let you see who is dominating your finances. I will allow you to keep enough money to function with in your pathetic life...You are in need of some punishment, fantasy fufillment,role play,spankings,golden showers,foot/shoe fetish,bondage,ass worshipping & more... Come experience an experience like non other.

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Are you into submitting to a dominant sexy goddess? You desire: 1.) Being assigned tasks weekly 2.) Worship Mistress Cashmir 3.) Give your life a purpose 4.) Being told what to do


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