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                   Pro | Fem | FinDomme

Feel free to attempt to please me...Surprise me with a gift card! Earn your place underneath my sexy heels. If you would like to be a part of my world then you will submit to me. I accept all forms of donations but, what is most helpful is to support my luxuries. Little things like hair, nails, makeup costs, or even adopt-a-bill about $600 per month. Wouldn’t you want to contribute towards such necessities that keep me beautiful? How about contributing towards my dungeon? Do you want to be my financial slave or pay pig? Get up Fuckers! Grab your wallet, cash, and credit cards! I will ONLY say it once. Be prepared to SPEND SPEND SPEND$$$

Email me for instructions how to do just that. If you seek full financial takeover that leaves you with nothing but an allowance after bill pay because you don’t deserve anymore, contact me for further discussion at [email protected]


☆ GiftRocket

☆ Macy's

☆ Elmar Furs

☆ Amazon E~Gift Card

☆ Neiman Marcus

☆ Nordstrom

☆ Saks 5th Ave.

☆ Walmart

☆ BestBuy

☆ White House Black Market

☆ Adopt-a-Bill

☆ Cash Me

☆ Tiffany & Co.

☆ Victoria's Secret

☆ La Furs

☆ Amazon Wishlist

☆ United Airlines

☆ JetBlue Airlines

☆ Southwest Airlines

☆ Waisted Couture Corsetry

☆ Agent Provocateur

☆ Shari's Berries

☆ Fetish Toy Box

☆ Christian Louboutin