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Client Testimonials

" May i please have the privilege to kneel before you Goddess?"

Jada, Sissy slut

" Ha! Comments from afar may please my Mistress for their flattery value. But i represent the truly committed slave, who lives nearby and serves this DYNAMIC Mistress with pride and humility!"

imelqqking, Slave-worm

" Love to be under those sexy heels"


" I have enjoyed the pleasure of serving this TRUE Goddess for the past year. I look forward to being under Mistress Cashmir sexy heels for years to come. She tramples me and it takes me to sub space. It is an undeniable, mind blowing & body tingling sensation."


" Kisses to your feet Goddess. Please I beg for your permission to worship you? I'm begging on my hands and knees!"


" I want to thank Mistress for the privilege to allow me to be her whore. I love to spoil her with the tribute i receive from sucking cock. she has trained me to be the best whore in Ohio. The Beautiful Goddess has everything a submissive could desire. Mistress power is so strong mentality and to touch of Her hand is perfect. Kisses to Your Feet Mistress."

Jada, Sissy slut

" Thank you Goddess for locking my useless cock away and making me your Sissy Whore! Iam bowing down at your feet! Iam begging to suck cock to pay you! Iam your Property!"

Chastity sissypig

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